Selected for the Short Film Corner

Aporia, a film parable of five figures of humanity facing the insoluble. Initially thought of as a cinematographic experiment centered around clothing, this film embarks on a poetic experience, beyond words, through a perceptive and aesthetic approach opening up to an existential conversation.

In the spring of 2021, Elsie Pomier and I began a reflection on mourning, vanity and faith with the theme: Aporia. An aporia is a difficulty in solving a problem, an insoluble contradiction in reasoning. This questioning, both existential and spiritual, gave rise to a collective fashion exhibition.

Elsie Pomier’s curation work culminated in the selection of seven designers whose clothes were presented on copper wire sculptures by Korean artist Junseok Mo. These sculptures reflected human figures built out of emptiness and fullness.

From there, I imagined having characters wear these clothes on screen: a blind photographer, a child messenger, an angry man, a disoriented woman, mourners without tears, a bereaved bride. These characters were imagined as allegorical facets of a humanity faced with the insoluble.


Faced with the insoluble, everything is fleeting, nothing lasts. Everything is erased, torn apart. We wander, as if disjointed. We will never understand but we will always question.
What to believe?


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