Fabrice Rebeyrolle

‘L’énigme de la visibilité’/’Enigma of visibility’
Selectionned at the Festival MIFAC 2021

After exploring the paintings, like in a book, a new page opens to the printmaking studio and then to the artist’s books. Perpetual poetry: such is the tie, perhaps, between painting and the quest for light.

“Director and musician Estienne Rylle takes us into the work of his father Fabrice Rebeyrolle, guided by the painter’s voice on the “ways of feeling”. Upon entering his studio, he enters as if into himself, withdrawn from the world. This scene paradoxically leads to an end result of a most intimate contact between the painter and the painting material. Between an instant and eternity, the painter lives, he works, and he himself is transformed. The camera follows the lines of paintbrushes, the scraps on the tables, and then fixes itself on the painter’s hand, waiting for metamorphosis. […] Painting never celebrates any other enigma than that of visibility.”

Isabelle Lévesque, french poet and literary critic.